Rage of Demons

Out of the Abyss

The party followed Loobamub through a bewildering maze of tunnels and caverns until at last they saw light—actual sunlight!—coming from up ahead. Together they rushed forward, finding themselves in a grotto. And on the opposite end was another tunnel that sloped upward. That’s where the light was coming from.


But then Elvara and her henchmen appeared out of hiding, blocking the party’s exit. Loobamub ran for cover while the rest of the party engaged the drow in combat. Elvara summoned giant spiders to aid her, while Jorlan and Shoor rushed into melee, and the other drow fired their crossbows at the party. Urza incinerated three of them with a fireball.


One of the drow was also a priestess, and she summoned a yochlol demon. Elvara summoned more spiders, and the adventurers started to feel a bit overwhelmed.

Then Glabbagool showed up. Everyone was glad to see their gelatinous cube friend, who held the demon at bay while taking quite a bit of punishment itself. Reschi healed the gelatinous cube and inspired it to back up so Smak could get in there and start slapping.


Mythri shot a witchbolt at Shoor, and Goder finished him off. Pike attacked Elvara in melee, keeping her on the defensive.

Eventually the companions defeated all the drow. Jorlan surrendered. They tied him up and sat him down in a corner while Goder went topside to see if it was safe out there.

The kobold found the ruins of an Uthgardt village, some trolls eating the remains of the villagers, and goblins scrounging for loot. The party decided to take a long rest inside Reschi’s tiny hut in the grotto.


The trolls and goblins were all gone the next day when the party emerged from the cave mouth, which was actually the mouth of a really big burial mound. Smak remembered hearing that Uthgardt barbarians often buried treasure with their dead. This motivated Sauerkraut and Goder to go back down into the grotto to look around some more. They found a Frostbrand greataxe.

Pike volunteered to go with Eldeth and Glabbagool to Gauntlgrym while the rest of the party went along with Goder on his journey home, which would take them north to the foothills of the Spine of the World Mountains.


Along the way, the companions chatted with Urza, learning that he was in fact from another plane called Dominaria. Since the topic was brought up, Sauerkraut said he was from the Feywild—which amazed Mythri, especially, because she was also from the Feywild!

Finally, after six days, the party made it to Dragon Rock, which was the home of a community of kobolds. Goder’s wife was happy to see him return alive and well, and all the kobolds were happy to see the dragon egg he’d brought with him. The kobolds threw a great feast to celebrate this joyful day.


The next morning, Chief Ojin talked with Goder about the frost giants who’d been slaughtering everyone in the region. They were now led by one named Jarl Grugnur, and made their lair in a glacial rift not far from here. Ojin wanted Goder and the adventurers to go put an end to these frost giants once and for all. She would provide scouts to lead the party there.

Goder returned to his friends, and everyone agreed to go fight some frost giants.


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