Rage of Demons

Prisoners of the Drow

Our campaign began in Velkynvelve, where the companions met each other during their time in captivity.

There was a bugbear monk named Smak, a kobold ranger named Goder and his dragon companion Bluebelle, a satyr rogue named Sauerkraut, a human bard named Reschi, a vedalkin wizard named Urza, a drow sorcerer named Pike, and a modron who didn’t really have a name.

The companions were held with a number of other prisoners, captured during various raids and likewise awaiting transportation to Menzoberranzan: Prince Derendil, a quaggoth who claimed to be a cursed elf prince, Eldeth Feldrun, a dwarf from Gauntlgrym, Jimjar, a deep gnome with a gambling problem, Shuushar, a kuo-toa mystic, Stool, a myconid sprout, and Topsy and Turvy, a couple of deep gnome twins.

Their captors included a cruel drow priestess who called herself Mistress Elvara Mizzrym, and her two lieutenants , Jorlan and Shoor, along with many other drow guards. Mistress Elvara liked to impress her dominance with scourge in hand and remind her prisoners that their lives now belonged to her.


With the aid of Jorlan, who left the gate unlocked for them, the prisoners all broke free and scattered in all directions. Smak, Goder, Sauerkraut, Reschi, Urza, and the modron went straight for the guard tower where they were sure their arms and equipment were kept. The drow guards put up a good fight, and the adventuring gear was hard won.

Eldeth and Stool joined the companions, each offering directions to their respective homes — and since nobody had any idea which direction to go first, they welcomed the guidance.

Putting as much distance between themselves and Velkynvelve as they could, the party headed toward the closest population center they knew of: Sloobludup.


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