Rage of Demons

Rage of Demons

Mantol-Derith’s dockyard was quite busy as the party pulled their humble boat up to the pier, as was to be expected from the most infamous of trade-hubs in the Underdark. Continual flame lanterns illuminated all the windows, and the network of walkways and plazas crisscrossing the outpost. Drow, duergar, derro, goblins, and kobolds all traded with the surface-races who braved coming down here. It appeared the Zhentarim had set up quite a lucrative business for themselves.


As the companions made their way through the streets, Vizeran urged them to hurry up and buy whatever supplies they needed, because they still had another week of travel before they’d reach Menzoberranzan. This is when Reschi played a song on his lute and charmed the archmage, convincing him that they should totally do the dark heart ritual here instead.


Vizeran wholeheartedly agreed, and ran off to find a good spot to begin the ritual. Meanwhile, the rest of the party wandered around town, killing time while they waited for this doomsday device to go off, and for the action to start. Themberchaud waited by the boat.


Reschi spotted his old friend, Glabbagool. The gelatinous cube jiggled in excitement at their reunion.

Goder found a slave block in the central plaza, where a couple derro were selling three miserable looking kuo-toa. Urza offered to buy the slaves, and Vanin tried intimidating the derro to get a better price. Their negotiations attracted the attention of some Zhentarim guards who came and demanded “outsider tax” in addition to whatever the slaves cost. Eventually Goder got sick of the haggling and just paid the derro what they asked for. The kobold told the newly released slaves to make a run for it and get as far away from here as possible. As the party moved on, Sauerkraut pickpocketed Goder’s money back from the derro.


Reschi, Pike, and Urza all felt a change in the air. Faerzrezz particles started floating around them, growing more and more dense as seconds passed, and soon it seemed like Mantol-Derith was seeing its first snowfall. But the companions knew better. This was Vizeran’s ritual at work. Slowly the faerzrezz gathered and brightened, creating swirling pools like holes torn in the air. A roar sounded from faraway as shadows moved in the depths of those pools of light.

And from those pools came the demons and their lords: Demogorgon, Orcus, Juiblex, Yeenoghu, and Baphomet. Numerous other demons also poured through the portals. After a brief moment of disorientation, their gazes fell upon each other, and the air exploded with roaring and bellowing and shrieking.

And the terrible battle began.

The companions rushed out of there and hid inside a Leomund’s tiny hut, waiting out the battle to see who’d be left at the end.


It was a wild brawl. Orcus summoned three liches as Yeenoghu pounced at him, wailing on him with a giant spiked flail. Themberchaud bravely joined the fight, too, blowing a cloud of sleep breath at them, but it had no effect. Juiblex and Baphomet duked it out, while Demogorgon hung back for a while, casting his maddening gaze around at anyone who dared look back at him. Themberchaud beat his wings and breathed fire everywhere. Buildings were smashed and burned. People fled, screaming, as some of them were slaughtered by demons or crushed underfoot by demon lords.

Just as expected, the demon lords started killing each other off. Orcus took out Yeenoghu and then Themberchaud, Baphomet beat the shit out of Jubilex before the lord of ooze killed him, then Demogorgon killed Orcus. The liches teleported out of there.

In the end, there was only one demon lord left: Demogorgon.


The party left their tiny hut and rushed at the prince of demons. Reschi inspired his companions, urging them to close the distance faster. Vanin faced off against Demogorgon in melee as Pike and Sauerkraut blasted him with magic missiles and Goder breathed acid breath on him and Urza fireballed him. Demogorgon flailed about him with his mighty tentacles and swept his maddening gaze over these tiny foes. Vanin took a beating but held his ground, keeping Demogorgon at bay so that Sauerkraut could sneak in and twist his dick, and Pike wrecked him with more magic missiles.

At last, Demogorgon was defeated. The companions did it, they saved the Underdark—and the world—from the rage of demons.


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