Rage of Demons

The City of Sails

The companions followed the Black Raven River south until they reached the Blackford road, whereupon they continued their journey west, toward Luskan.

It took them four days of walking to get there, and when they finally reached the City of Sails, their storm giant companion, Serissa, said thanks and goodbye and returned to the sea. The rest of the party was eager to find out what this place had to offer. They reunited with Pike, and met a new companion, a human paladin named Vanin.


Luskan was a beautiful city, but crowds of refugees filled the inns or huddled in the streets, all with stories of demons running rampant throughout the countryside. The resources of Luskan and nearby Neverwinter were stretched thin putting down one incursion after another.

As if demons weren’t enough, frost giants had recently raided the city, though it was apparently an unsuccessful attempt, for the wreckages of their ships still smouldered in the bay. Goder sent Bluebell out to see if there were any valuables left in the giants’ ships.

And to top it all off, hundreds of pilgrims from all over the Sword Coast had also gathered in Luskan to celebrate the Wet Parade in honor of Auril the Frostmaiden.

A sketchy-looking commoner gave the party advice on where to stay the night, but he was only a distraction for the pickpockets that stole all of the companions’ coin purses, as well as Saurerkraut’s bag of holding. The party chased the kids down, following them down to the harbor to a ship that had been turned into a tavern. The barkeeper scolded his children for stealing from adventurers and returned all of their money. He also asked them to deal with a gang that was supposedly having a bad influence on the kids. The gang liked to hang out at a dinner-theater called the Red Panda.

It was at the Red Panda that Reschi found his old performing troupe. They were halfway through a reenactment of the battle between the Arcane Brotherhood wizards and the white dragon Arauthator when the companions arrived.


After the show, Reschi introduced his old friends to his new friends: Chihiro and Haku the actors, Kemh the sound master, Leelly the dancer, Grandma Yubaba the director, and Theodore (Big Ted) the Cyclops. Much drinking and partying ensued.

A horned devil named Bazelsteen swaggered into the bar and challenged Reschi to a musical duel. They both cheated, but Reschi won, and so the devil gifted him a ring of spell storing and returned to Hell. The ring came with a spell already stored in it: find the path, and it was attuned to a place called Gravenhollow.


Saurerkraut and Pike went off on their own to burglarize a house. That’s when Pike revealed himself to be a demon in disguise! He was sent by the demon lord Graz’zt to infiltrate and destroy the adventuring company from within. After dispatching the satyr, “Pike” threw his body over one shoulder and went off in search of the rest of the party.


The demon found them down by the harbor. Goder, Bluebell, and Reschi were sitting on the docks talking about the musical duel while Urza and Vanin were enjoying their drinks on the Red Panda’s outdoor patio. “Pike” was about to attack when Goder realized something was up, and the party brought their full might upon this demon.

At this point it was late into the night and everyone was drunk and tired, so they found themselves a place to stay and called it a night.

The next morning, a bird landed on Urza’s windowsill. She turned out to be a druid with a message from King Bruenor Battlehammer who requested the party’s presence in Gauntlgym straightaway. Eldath and Pike (the real Pike) had informed the king all about the demonic incursion in the Underdark, and he wanted to talk more about it with the rest of the party.

After the druid flew away, the party went to the Host Tower Arcane, where Urza spoke with the Archmage Arcane through his apprentice’s scrying orb about rumors of drow wizards in Menzoberranzan who were meddling in planeshifting. The Archmage wanted Urza to investigate, offering membership into the Arcane Brotherhood in exchange. Urza agreed to look into this matter—especially since he himself was interested in planeshifting.


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