Rage of Demons

The Haunted Stronghold

Following the passage out of Sloobludup, the companions arrived at the gates of a long-forgotten dwarven stronghold. Dozens of kuo-toa crowded behind them, the sole survivors of Demogorgon’s wrath.

The companions found this city to be totally lifeless, though Goder could sense the presence of undead here. They made their way to the library, where they found some old history books but nothing of value, nor any clues as to what had happened here.


Eventually the party reached the other side of the city, where they entered a mine shaft. Here they found a large cavern full of zombies — hundreds of zombies! This must have been the fate of the dwarves who once lived here.

With the help of the kuo-toa, the companions fought through the horde of zombies and a zombie beholder to reach a passage on the other side of the cavern that led them outside the city walls.


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