Exiled Drow Archmage


A scion of House DeVir, Vizeran studied the arcane arts at the same time as Gromph Baenre. Gromph discovered Vizeran’s true devotion to the Elder Elemental Eye and engineered his disgrace and exile as an unbeliever of Lolth.

In his exile, Vizeran became a great archmage, building his tower of Araj and plotting his revenge.

During the Rage of Demons, Vizeran correctly deduced what had truly happened: Lolth had manipulated Gromph as a pawn to unleash the demon lords throughout the Underdark in order to gain absolute power in the Abyss. The demon lords in the Realms used faerzress to spread their madness. Vizeran devised a plan to send the demon lords back…


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